Little Wug Bakery is a Vancouver-based bakery that carries a collection of handmade shortbread cookies, including Original, Cranberry, Coconut, Miso Sesame and Matcha (Green Tea) flavours. We make an effort to support and give back to the local community by sourcing ingredients from local farmers and distributing products through local business and Farmers Market. All cookies are made with real butter and reduced amount of sugar to provide the perfect crunch and sweetness to go with your coffee and tea

What is a “Wug”?

Wug is a mythical little creature created by professor Jean Berko Gleason for a study of kids’ acquisition of English. The Wug Test proves that children know more about language than just the things they’ve heard from others. For instance, do preschoolers “know” how to make a plural? You will be surprised to see them naturally adding a ‘s’ to “Wug” even though they have never heard of this word before.



What’s the connection between Wug and Shortbread Cookies?
Amazed by the power of language and children’s learning potential, we want to be an advocate for the LBLD (Language-based Learning Disabilities) community. By selling delicious handmade shortbread cookies, Little Wug Bakery wants to increase awareness and raise fund to support children with language disabilities to unlock their potentials to acquire language and express themselves freely.


Photo Credit: Victor Tsang @victortsang604